Shelf-Talker Printing

The development in retail stores had been of great extend in the past years. When checking history we are able to see how retail stores where focused on specific products but now you get anything and everything. Sorting out these products are kind of a challenge to the owners as well as staff, this is when items like shelf talkers come handy. Excel Graphics Printing and Packaging Press brings you high quality shelf talker or when explained ‘ the tickets or boards used to separate sections based on the particular category. They not only provide information about products but also attract customers towards a particular product. We will help you face the competition in the UAE.

Tent Card Printing

One of the easiest product to personalize is the tent card. Tent cards are great way to advertise any product (simple or complicated). This product also act as menus and miniature billboards. If used accordingly tent cards can work wonders in your promotional activities. In order to perfect for work the cards should be printed the right way an we are here to help you overcome the stage. The printing and packaging house in Dubai , UAE is always ready to render its services in the seven Emirates any hour , any time. Customers can specify their needs and the rest of the process depends upon your specification . Bright or Dull colours? Matt or Gloss finish? Your opinion is what matters.

Hang Tag Printing

Hang tags are another set of easy to customize products. This product also come under the very affordable range. Hang tags are an effective way of branding as it gives all information about your product. Just like choosing the right tag its important you select the right printing press.At Excel Graphics , UAE you entrust us with the job to make the best hang tags.