Offset Printing

Offset printing , well known for its advantages has taken its own space in the printing market. The consistent image quality of the respective mode is the biggest pros Excel Graphics adheres to the principles of offset printing as our service is long lasting , precise and clean . We are capable of immediate actions.

Our resources are well known for its durability especially in the division of offset printing as the printing plates are long lasting and never comes in contact with the surface. The respective offset printing service in Dubai is your go to investment when it comes to printing and packaging .

The process colors used in the working are of the highest quality. It includes cyan ,magneta, yellow and key. When digging deep into the details the customers can identify how we are different, are the top printing house in Dubai, UAE. Let it be the aqueous coating or the chromo paper, colour management system or the ink volume, fountain solutions or UV ink , duplex board or printing cylinders. We never run out of the necessities. Excel Graphics maintains the title of being the top printing press in Dubai,UAE.

Offset Printing Press Dubai UAE

Large printing needs?

Excel Graphics offset printing is the way to go. We render supreme quality services in affordable rates. The paper type can be customized as per the audience choice and we ensure you the highest possible printing quality , details and accuracy. Custom inks like metallic and pantone color codes are also used in our printing houses.

Products that come under offset printing includes newspapers printing, magazines printing, brochures printing, stationery printing, School NoteBooks printing,invoices printing,pamphlets printing,leaflets printing and so on. Our sheet size varies from 50/30 to 70/100 cm . Excel Graphics is for sure the best when it comes services in the particular division urgent or not. Loyalty being our top trait has given us the opportunity to even deal with urgent services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al khaimah , Sharjah and Umm al Quwain.