Paper Carry Bag Printing in Dubai UAE

Paper Carry Bag Printing

Every section and variety of client is taken into consideration in Excel Graphics Printing and Packaging Press Dubai, UAE. The papers bags are produced in our unit using high end technology in various sizes , shapes, colours and paper quality. We make sure that these bags are safe to use and environment friendly which is the ultimate goal of a paper bag. The design of the bag also allows it to stand upright and hold more goods at once. Paper bags have become a trend because of the time and effort taken in its making. Normally paper bags are made of kraft papers. Gift paper bags can be made of any kind of papers. Paper bags are also made from recycled papers. Paper bags can also be differentiated on the basis of amount or layers of product used. It can be single layer as well as mutliwall.Single layer paper bags include grocery bags ,shopping bags and other lightweight bags while multiwall sacks are to carry heavy items.Paper Carry Bag Printing in Dubai UAE

Cloth Bags Printing

Excel Graphics has customers all over UAE that is all the seven Emirates (Dubai,Abudhabi,Sharjah,Ajman,Ras-al-Khaimah,Khorfakkan,Umm al Quwain). Paper bags can be used in numerous industries and even our daily life.The industry can vary from food to hospitals. But we make sure we provide 24×7 service and flexibility. Like every other product available in our house paper bags aren’t any exception. The particular product also can customized according to the audience’s choice.Cloth Bags Printing in Dubai UAE

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