“Point of Sale Materials” are promotional materials that are used to communicate product information to the consumers at the point of sale. There are many types of POSMs .

Shelf Talker Printing

Some of them are Posters, Dangler, Dummy Boxes, Shelf Branding - Business branding, Shelf Talker, Leaflets printing & Leaflets Dispenser, Wobblers etc.There is no specific size or shape. It all depends according to the client. When creating a POSM the process is inclusive. The client should draft a plan , design and production. Excel Graphics Press will do its part in making the point of sales material engaging and explanatory. A point of sale material should be able to activate the buying mentality of the people.Point of sales materia has become an integral part of marketers and promoters as this mode has become the reason for spontaneous purchases. As mentioned above there is no specific size or shape but POSM's can be classified mainly as posters,danglers,standees ,bunting and so on.
Shelf Talkers Printing in Dubai UAE

Posters Danglers Printing

Posters generally come in the following sizes: Large (24” X 36”), Medium (18” X 24”), Small (11” X 17”), & A4. The quality, theme and other requirements can be decided by the client. Danglers can be rectangular piece of thick paper or , it can be a 3-dimensional model of the product. Standee is placed outside of a store to seek attention . The different types of standess available are floor standee, rollup standee, cut out standee, canvas standee, MDF standee, LED Standee, 3D standee etc. Other POSMs includes stickers, wobblers, LED window displays, levitating units, acrylic highlighter displays, etc.
Posters Danglers Printing in Dubai UAE

Printing and Packaging

The Dubai based printing and packaging house will also assist you in choosing the best material for your product according to the situation . Our technical and human force is well prepared to prep your sales. Point of sales can take place any form as counter or floor displays ,Shelf Talker Printing,lightboxes . The majoor category of items or products that come under point of sales are the convenience goods. To increase your sales we will play our part in creating visually exciting materials.

Packaging Printing in Dubai UAE